The Mustard Seed Project (Uganda) – Soap Making

The Mustard Seed Project (Uganda) have been supporting the community of Tisai Island, situated in a swamp in Eastern Uganda, since 2016. The island was only discovered to be inhabited 8 years ago, after families had returned to their land since the insurgencies of the Lord’s Resistance Army and attacks from the Karamojong.

Since 2016 The Mustard Seed Project has fundraised to build a school for over 400 children, a community centre, a health centre and we sponsor a nurse and teachers. We have promoted sustainability through the planting of crops to feed the school children, and the donations of farm animals to women’s cooperatives.

We were delighted to receive a grant of £1500 from the Kitchen Table Charities Trust to provide a start-up business for women on the island in soap production. The grant has not only trained the women in soap making but it has enabled them to develop business plans and marketing ideas. The community centre was used to train the women in business techniques, and then soap making training took place under the mango trees.

The soap will be sold to hospitals and businesses on the mainland. One of the women trainees explained, “It has removed the spike from my eyes and given me a future.” Not only will the training enable women to become more economically empowered, it has also given them agency and control over their lives.

The business will be sustainable; soap making skills will be passed on to younger generations of women, and the soap containers will be continually reused and refilled. Sales of the soap will be reinvested in more materials to make the products and enable mothers to support their families and keep their girl children in education. Girls are often sold for a bride-price rather than being allowed to continue their education. Being trained in soap production will enable girls to contribute economically to their families rather than being treated as a commodity.

I can not wait to visit the Island next year to report on how this initiative has developed and to purchase my first batch of Tisai Soap!

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Thanks from Missing Link Uganda

We hope your project makes a big difference to many children in your community.

This is to that thank Kitchen Table Charities Trust for awarding Missing Link Uganda a grant of £5,500 for construction of a five stance, disabled friendly, VIP (ventilation improve pit) latrine, with separate facilities for boys and girls, boys urinals, and handwashing facilities at Abubaker Nursery and Primary School in Bugiri District.

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Thanks from the Green Olive Trust

Thanks from the Green Olive Trust. We hope their project is successful.

Saving a small primary school in rural Western Kenya from closure:

Green Olive Trust UK provides educational opportunities for orphans and other
disadvantaged children in Western Kenya, mostly by supporting individual students to study at High School and University. Recently the charity heard that the Musingu Quaker Primary School was at risk of closure unless major renovations were carried out urgently to improve the very dilapidated buildings. The school provides basic education for over 270 of the most marginalized girls and boys in the area; orphans, the rural equivalent of ‘street kids’ and children of impoverished widows. A grant of £6000 from Kitchen Table Charities Trust is funding the rebuilding and equipping of the classrooms, the toilet block, kitchen and dining areas and the exercise ground. Work will be carried out by local tradespeople, and school leavers will be trained in building and carpentry so they will also be gaining skills to use in the future. So £6000 is benefitting many in the Musingu community; primary school pupils, school leavers, adults in an area of high unemployment, and future generations of school children. A big thank you to Kitchen Table Charities Trust.

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Thanks from Uzima in our Hands

We are delighted that the Kitchen Table Charities Trust are able to support us in replacing the pump to the bore hole and installing three water harvesting tanks at Uzima, an Orphan and Day Care Centre that feeds, clothes and educates 340 vulnerable children in an impoverished area of rural western Kenya. The children will not only benefit from an essential, sustainable water source from now on, but also be protected from health hazards such as when the toilets flooded due to excess rainwater that wasn’t being collected. These children often only eat and drink at the Centre, and our charity struggles to do all we want to, as we rely entirely upon fundraising activities in the UK. This financial support for water provision literally means health and life to the children at Uzima in our care. We are immensely grateful to KTCT and its supporters for helping us achieve this vital service to them. Thank you. Asante Sana!

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Thanks from Nature-Care-Cameroon (N-CARE)

There’s nothing more gratifying than putting a smile on the face of someone who has lost everything in life.

Nature-Care-Cameroon (N-CARE) remains thankful to KTCT and goodwill partners for this generous support without which, we will not be able to make strides in this initiative.

This grant shall in no little way significantly contribute not only in improving on the wellbeing of women and girls severely hit by the armed conflicts in the English speaking regions of Cameroon, but will also raise their hopes in seeing reasons to live a normal life despite the challenges.

The generous support of individual organizations like KTCT makes it possible for our organization to exist and to make the community and the world at large a great place to live.

The entire N-CARE family once more says a big thank you to KTCT.

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Thanks from Jacaranda UK

Thank you so much to the KTCT and its supporters for this extremely generous grant. With this money Jacaranda UK Foundation will be able to help train 200 new women entrepreneurs from one of the poorest areas of one of the poorest countries in the world, and provide micro-loans to help them start their own businesses. Sustainable growth and change is only achieved when people are given the tools with which they can help themselves, and this grant and the training it will fund will help these women lift themselves, their families and their communities out of the poverty they were born into. The results of this will be felt for generations to come as their children and grandchildren benefit from the cruel cycle of poverty being broken. Thank you again to KTCT and all its supporters for helping us, and we look forward to updating you with the results!

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Update from: St Peter’s Life – Line

Our Alternative Rite of Passage is now underway, and 249 girls turned up, over the 200 budgeted for, which is always good news, and we can absorb that extra cost. These girls will now be out of harm’s way during the tribal ritual ‘circumcision’ season. We will have them for a residential week at St Peter’s school, where they will be educated and empowered to say NO! To FGM, along with the 2,000 or so girls that have previously attended over the years. We will equip them to be freed them from a horrible, traumatic and injurious mutilation, to refuse early, arranged marriage, and to be able to attend secondary education. Their horizons are now wide open….

Pics: the girls arriving at St Peter’s, gathering, getting to know each other and registering.

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Thanks from the Tiwavwire Youth Organization, Malawi

Tiwavwire Youth Organization a registered Charitable organisation (Malawi).

We would like to thanks and appreciate your donation which you gave us through Malawi Farmers Aid.

Malawi is one of poorest countries because of poverty many families in Rural Areas are unable to send their children to school and many youths are dropping school before reaching high school levels. Because of poor education many youths are unable to find job.

Your donation will bring hope and great change because will encourage the youths to be self dependent.

We are blessed to have community of people who love to support and empower the needy so deeply. may God keep blessing your Organisation.

Tiwavwire Youth Organization has not wasted any time  in buying the farm inputs which will enable youths in two Malawian villages to start a career in farming. I will keep you informed of progress.


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Thanks from Mnyakongo School Project Kongwa, Tanzania

On behalf of the children of Mnyakongo School and the neighbouring village families I thank Kitchen Table Charities Trust supporters for the grant of £7,500 to drill a borehole and install a hand pump at the school.

The school is in a remote area that has been stricken with drought for the past three years.  At present villagers walk for miles to obtain water and children are required to bring their own water to school where possible.  A borehole at the school will provide the 505 pupils and the teaching staff with drinking water and handwashing facilities in the newly installed toilet block thus improving health and hygiene.   In addition, water will be readily available for the villagers nearby and for families of the children who live in the surrounding area.

The impact of this life changing water supply cannot be underestimated.

Mnyakongo School Project

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Thanks from Friends of Sick Children, 16 more children helped



Without a mobility aid, like a wheelchair, parents and guardians carry the child on their backs. As the child grows the weight causes back problems for the adults….and so the above negative cycle continues.

Click here to read more about 16 more cases.

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