Thanks and update from the Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service

We had a good visit out to the Simien Mountains to check on the project activities, 26 November until 6 December. During our visit we completed a technical site survey for the solar power installation at our clinic in Kiyet with an engineer from RET and our own technical advisor from Gonder University Hospital. The survey went well and we were able to finalise the project proposal. The installation should begin late January of early February and will take about a week.

The GBP 11,000 we received from the Kitchen Table Charities Trust will cover just over 70% of the total costs. The remainder we can cover. The solar power will make such a huge difference to the quality of service we can provide.

Thanks again to the KTCT for making this possible.

Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service

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Thanks from Charité Chrétienne pour Personnes en Détresse, providing clean water and sanitation to schools in Togo

Thanks KTCT for supporting our work in digging shallow wells and building 4 compartment latrines with urinals – for the benefit of hundreds of pupils at two primary schools here in Togo..

Thanks to your valuable support, we have the power to give more people access to clean water and sanitation. This will bring change to just about everything. The incidence of diseases that affect pupils’ health will be reduced. School attendance and exam results will improve. And many pupils, especially girls, will be able to receive an education now they are saved from the exhausting, daily chore of walking long distances to collect water.

None of this would be possible without your generous donation. From all of the staff at CCPD and the people we work with, thank you. God bless KTCT! Long life to the supporters and trustees.

Charité Chrétienne pour Personnes en Détresse

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Thanks from the Oruba Sisters Women Group, on behalf of Karungu Community

We never know that we could make a difference in the community, we are just local women with not much education, but a heart to make a change to other women and to the less privilege children in the community, and this has just been made possible with the support of the grant we received from KTCT.
Disability in the villages have never been looked into and no one has been interested in helping, this made children with disability to drop out of school due to difficulties they face making them the most illiterate children in the community, therefore considered useless. Now thanks to KTCT grant, the lives of the disabled children have to be the same as others in the community.

On behalf of Karungu Community, we thank you for this opportunity.

Oruba Sisters Women Group

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Thanks from GWEFODE helping women and children in Uganda

Thank you KTCT Supporters for awarding a grant of £10,500 to GWEFODE. Indeed, KTCT confirms to its slogan of “Changing lives by thinking small” and is best known for supporting small charities that transform people’s lives with very little money.

This donation will go a long way in enabling GWEFODE to improve access to clean water and food security by building rainwater storage tanks in 10 women-led households, training in their construction and establish kitchen gardens in Kabale District of Uganda. This donation will enable over 350 people to fetch clean water at the door steps without walking long distances and improve food security especially for women and children who are faced with the same task.

This will promote women’s empowerment, save time and energy especially for women and children, which will be spent on other activities that will contribute significantly to poverty alleviation, reduce violence and diseases.
For this reason, GWEFODE owes a great debt of gratitude to KTCT.

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Thanks from vulnerable households in Wamunga Village

Concerted Effort Uganda is pleased to acknowledge receipt of funds from KTCT to support a poultry project targeting women in fifteen vulnerable households in Wamunga Village.

The project will build a poultry shelter and provide ten indigenous chickens for each of the fifteen beneficiaries. They (beneficiaries) will be trained on the basics of poultry keeping and shall with the help of a veterinary specialist, periodically receive expert advice on poultry keeping.

The implementation of this project will diversify the economic activities of these women thus improving food security and nutrition in their households. The income from the sale of poultry and poultry products will also help them to cater for other needs of their households without necessarily depending on their husbands, some of whom have (unfortunately) neglected their family roles.

I am exceedingly grateful to KTCT and its generous supporters for funding our organization to carry out this project.

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Update from the Children of Choba Hostel

Just to let you know that the hostel is 99% finished! Class 7 completed their National Exams last week and the boys were determined to spend a few nights in their hostel before going home. There are a few jobs left to be finished but they are small – fitting mosquito netting, anti vermin wire and curtains to the windows and varnishing the beds. The school is now closed for half term so we expect to complete these things next week when we open.

I attach photos and have posted a few more on Facebook. It’s not actually necessary to be on Facebook yourself to see our posts, you can just go to the News page of our website

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Project Report from Health Mums for Health Kids, Burundi

We would like to say thank you for the small grant (£11,000) you provided for building the Health Moms for Healthy Kids Centre.

A Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids centre project accomplished last month (August). The building contain with a health training area, a maternity, with toilets that are accessible to and suitable for use by people with disabilities, particularly wheelchair users, at Kinama Zone, Bujumbura, Burundi.

During this work, we had some problems related the bank account’s transaction and unprecedented exchange rate, the building materials and equipment’ prices increased due to the exchange rate as mentioned above. However these unplanned changes did not prevent us to finish this project.

The community and members had contributed as they could, that helped to accomplish the project.

The centre has opened since in the August, women and children receiving the different services.

The family attending the training regarding reproductive healthDavid Mcmillan from UK, visited our new centre on the second of August 2017. He has shown around including the legistration book for the attendees.

David Mcmillan from UK, visited our new centre on the second of August 2017. He has shown around including the legistration book for the attendees.

The women and children of the Zone Kinama have already started to get a benefit. Since it opened the women and children have received the different training related health issues.

On top of that the different organisations including international care, Abubef, Fvs Amades, have joined the centre by providing the different training related to health.

A Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids centre project establish in Zone of Kinama to raise awareness for women and their children. It is providing nutritional information, training, health sexual advice and maternity for women, in these extremely deprived areas. It is expecting that through the providing of information to the women raise a direct and positive effect on the well-being of the women and children of the community.

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Thanks from the Child Development Committee helping Nangalama Village

I would like to thank you for your contribution of your financial support helps us construct 4 new classrooms and continue in our mission and to assist vulnerable children in our community in Nangalama village.

The generous support of Kitchen Table Charities Trust makes it possible for our poor , struggling organisation to exist and to make our community happy and great place to live in.

We are happy to give you the pictures for the progress below.

Thank you again for your support!

Child Development Committee
Kampala Uganda

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Thanks from the Emesco Development Foundation

Note of Appreciation to KTCT

Emesco Development Foundation is yet again able to extend potable water to nine poor communities of Mugarama Sub-county of Kibaale District in Mid-Western Uganda. This much awaited project has been made possible by a grant of £ 10,500 from the Kitchen Table Charities Trust. The planned 9 hand-dug Shallow Wells will be realized in a period of 5 months or so and the beneficiary communities will never be the same. The lives of about 10,500 rural poor people in the 9 villages will tremendously change and poverty levels will dramatically reduce. Water-borne diseases will become something of the past! Indeed a new era has began!

Emesco Development Foundation would like on behalf of the beneficiary communities to sincerely thank KTCT supporters for this great life changing support.

Thank you so much KTCT.

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Thanks from Girl-child Concern, Uganda

Thanks to a generous grant from KTCT, the vocational training program provided by the Voluntary Hearts Community for Girl-child Concern, will be able to expand our courses to young women living in Kikyusa, in the Luwero district of Uganda,.   In addition to Tailoring and Hair Dressing, we will add classes in Auto Mechanics, Plumbing, and Electrical Installation.  We are grateful to have KTCT as our partner, helping us to develop additional skills and job linkages for participants to find decent employment or build their own businesses so that they can make a successful transition to adulthood and break the cycle of poverty.

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