An update from Friends of Buburi, Kenya

Saving lives in rural Kenya is what Friends of Buburi does, literally from our kitchen tables. Currently we are working towards saving mothers and babies by offering maternity services and offering a full range of child immunisations.

We have worked with KTCT before when you helped us drill a borehole giving clean water to the community and the clinic, also a life saving venture. Among other things this grant will allow us to purchase a KEPI fridge for the vaccines. This runs on gas when there is a power cut, which is a regular occurrence.

Mothers have been dying while giving birth at home with no one qualified available and children have to travel far to get their immunisations. Safe birth and immunisations can save countless lives. With this grant you are helping this poor rural community and giving them a chance in life. A big thank you to KTCT.

Newly delivered baby Wycliffe

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Thanks from Build on Books, Sierra Leone

On behalf of Build on Books and Our Lady of Kwama Primary School in Sierra Leone I would like to express our great and heartfelt appreciation to Kitchen Tables Charities Trust for providing 100% of the funding needed to build a wonderful new 3 classroom block at the primary school.

Before the grant was given children were squashed into over-crowded classrooms of up to 90 children with two classes being held outside under a mango tree. Some children were sitting in the baking heat on bamboo poles strung together and others on concrete blocks. Once funds were received from KTCT the whole community got involved in building the classrooms and it only took 32 days to complete the project. 

Now all the 611 pupils are now sitting comfortably inside and enjoying plenty of space to learn in roomy classrooms thanks to KTCT their wonderful supporters.

Build on Books

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Thank you from the Hope Alive 360 Foundation

It is possible for one to encounter a ‘guardian angel’ or a kind soul who extends his hand of kindness to us sometimes in our lives. When this happens, our hearts are filled with gratitude that we are compelled to respond in appreciation. We at Hope Alive 360 Foundation and the Sefwi Nkwadum community cannot use words to show our appreciation to you KTCT and its founder Mr. Humphreys who donated towards the completion of our community clinic. Indeed, you have brought equality and justice in healthcare to us and surrounding communities. As Martin Luther King Jnr said “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane”.

You have made such a significant difference in our lives for supporting us realize this dream. “It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead- Nelson Mandela. To us your lives  have been extremely significant.

Hope Alive 360 Foundation



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Thank you from the Children of Choba Primary School

A big thank you to Kitchen Table Charities Trust from all of us at Children of Choba Primary School for donating funds for us to build a hostel for Class 7 boys! This will make a huge difference as the boys will be able to join the girls in boarding as they prepare for their National Examinations for Secondary School Selection. Most of our children come from families living below the poverty line, and by staying at school we can make sure the children have 3 meals a day, treatment if they are sick, and adequate time to study. None of our children speak English at home, but their exams are in English and they speak English at school, so being immersed in the language in the run up to the exams makes a huge difference to their performance. Thank you so much KTCT!

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Thanks from the Ratidzo Trust

Kitchen Table Charities Trust

Ref: Grant
We at Ratidzo Trust would like to say a very big thank you for awarding us £10,000 to expand our community income generating projects. This grant will no doubt make a significant difference to the struggling community we’re working with in Sanyati Zimbabwe.
Words can not express just how grateful we are and how much this means to our work.
Ratidzo Trust
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Thanks from Mothers’ Initiatives Africa

Dear Kitchen Table Charities Trust,

We at Mothers’ Initiatives Africa are very grateful for your generous support to us for the lifesaving work of improving the Reproductive Health of rural women in Mbale and Manafwa Districts of Eastern Uganda.

Your generous donation of £ 11,000 will go a long way to helping us and ccontributing to the reduction of maternal and child mortality among rural women of reproductive age with the target of having no mother die during child birth in the two districts.

With this grant, 1000 rural needy expectant mothers will receive mama kits and we shall equip mother mentors, mama ambassadors, peer educators and traditional birth attendants with knowledge and skills for proper child delivery with less risk even where professional medical staff are not accessible and for proper child development.

Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the communities we serve.

With gratitude,

Sarah Nambudye

Mothers’ Initiatives Africa

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John Humphrys on KTCT

Taken from his lovely interview with Emily Horton (with John in the hotseat for once), ahead of his appearance on 5th April at Epsom Playhouse, John Humprhys, founder of KTCT talks about the charity.

“Setting up the Trust, with the £1,000 legacy my father left me, is the most important thing I have ever done. Initially I was going to use the money to found a school or two in sub-Saharan Africa. However, I soon realised that it was a stupid idea because I knew nothing about building schools, or about the bureaucracy of it all. Instead, I decided to set up a website to draw attention to these one- or two-man band charities that are run from the kitchen table. So far it has generated about £3.5m.

“These small, yet very deserving operations are often brilliant at what they do, but they struggle to raise the necessary funds. I am in the fortunate position of being able to generate money for them by doing events like this forthcoming Epsom talk.

“I will go when they want me to go or when I’ve had enough, but at the moment neither of those is the case”

“We have two basic criteria. The first is that we help only those people at the very bottom of the heap, such as very poor and often orphaned children that need money to go to school. The second is that any charity we assist must spend no money in this country on administration or salaries.

“One of the biggest things that we do is to provide decent lavatories, especially for girls and disabled children. Many girls won’t go to school after a certain age if there are no adequate toilets.

“Another charity, in Malawi, makes wheelchairs. There are a lot of very poor children with club feet or other deformities that are unable to walk and therefore don’t go to school. If you can give them a wheelchair that they can’t buy for themselves, it changes their lives.

“I believe that education is what matters in the long run and that even the poorest should be able, in years to come, to feed themselves and escape the poverty trap.”

To read Emily Horton’s interview with John Humphrys in full, visit the Essential Surrey magazine website

To book tickets to see John talking on April 5th visit

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Progress report from the Rural Priorities Project

The management of Rural Priorities Project would like to thank you and your kind collaborators again for supporting our TBA training project. I would like to inform you that the project has come to a successful end. The project is tremendously improving the health condition of the people of Jasikan District particularly women in the area of reproductive health (Mother and Child Health).

Again thanks a million for your cooperation, and hope to hearing from you.

Attached therefore, kindly fine the project reports for your study:  Progress report

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Thank you KTCT, a letter from ASUD in Malawi


Please receive our greetings from Action for Sustainable Development (ASUD) in Malawi. As we have just entered in the new year 2017, we have to repeat our word of THANK YOU for your generous donation of £11,000 meant to rescue pupils at Mtende Primary School who have had a serious shortage of proper toilets since 2004 (12 years) when the school was established.

One of girls’ toilets presently being used at Mtende

All toilets were bad and none had appetite to use them. They used them just because they had no option. Honestly, this had led many children more especially girls drop out of school before completing primary education.

New toilets under construction at the school

Today modern VIP toilets are being constructed at the school with financial support from KTCT through ASUD. The toilets design takes care of children with physical disabilities and girls. They contain girls’ hygiene room as well as special toilet room for the physically challenged children. They will also provide water through rainwater harvesting to ensure that children wash hands soon after visiting the toilet. The school is located in a very remote area such that a good development like this wouldn’t reach them. We thank KTCT for understanding the problem and being generous. This project will contribute to good quality education at the school.

In this project ASUD is enjoying good participation of the community, realizing that this has been a long time outstanding problem.

This project responds to the real need in Mtende Community.

KTCT deserve all thanks for this wonderful support.


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The last batch of 22 practicing but untrained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) being part of the 90 Traditional Birth Attendants selected from 45 hard to reach rural communities in the Jasikan District were  drew from 11 selected communities in two batches. The twenty-two were the last batch out of 90 identified practicing but untrained Traditional Birth Attendants in the Jasikan District. The first batch of 11 persons was trained in November and the rest 11 persons were trained in December. The training duration for each group was 14 days (2 weeks) and the standard training curriculum for Ghana Health Service was used. The Rural Priorities Project in the Jasikan District provided for the training. In effect the total Traditional Birth Attendants trained for the period under review stands at 22.

The caliber of trainers includes:

Public Health Specialist (The Medical Superintendent of Jasikan District Hospital).

Principal Nursing Officer (Jasikan District Hospital Matron)

Senior Staff Midwives (Nurse in-charge of Jasikan Hospital Maternity wing)

Nutrition Officer (District Nutrition Officer)

Disease Control Officer (District Disease Control Officer)

The training was organized at the Jolice Hotel conference centre. The course was residential and the participants were housed in the hotel. The standard modules for Traditional Birth Attendants training for Ghana were used in the training.

Training methods employed during the period were:



Field experience

Group work and

Role play

The training was found to be very useful and would go a long way to improve performance of the trained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs). The gesture exhibited by the Rural Priorities Project is worth emulating. The closing ceremony was witnessed by representative of the Jasikan District Assembly, the District Information Officer, the District Officer the Department of Social Welfare and the local radio station.

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