Wash Improvement Project for vulnerable children and widows in Mityana

This project was delivered by: Karma Rural Women’s Development Organisation (KRUWODO), funded by KTCT.

Project Update Number 5 – Sent to us in May 2015.


To-date all the 12 water jars have been completed. The first 6 jars which were constructed have already started harvesting water while the other six will be connected in a month’s time. We still have one month of implementation that is June; and during this month we hope to complete the 4th school water tank and also provide the water filters to the schools. And thereafter a final report in July.

Water Jar 9

This water jar has been constructed in the household of Patricia Namugga Mukwaya. She 58 years old a widow and has 11 children and 10 grandchildren. She stays in Kitto Gayaza in Ttamu parish, Mityana District.

Water Jar 10

The above water jar has been constructed in Kitto village at the household of Nakanwagi Costa who is 60 years old and a widow with 3 children and 5 grand children.

Water Jar 11

Our 11th water jar was constructed at the household of Namuddu Jane who is a widow with 6 children and 5 grandchildren. She lives in Kitto village in Ttamu parish, Busimbi Sub county in Mityana District.

Water Jar 12

Our 12th and final water jar was constructed at the household of Bernaretta Babirye Nalubega a resident in Kilwanya village, Ttamu parish in Mityana District. She’s 74 years old with 6 children and 20 grand children.

Water Jar 13

This is the reading of the plaque which has been put on every water jar in this project.

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