Dear KTCT,

A very great thanks to your Organisation- KTCT for the very wonderful Gift of Funding The construction of dormitory for our girls & purchase of textbooks. This grant will forever change the face of our school. The former street girls- now school girls have all reasons to smile.

When the news got to the guardians & the entire community, there were mixed reactions.
Most thought i twas a joke. It was like a dream. It is indeed real. The thirsty for reading will soon be quenched. We have now procured books which will be delivered early next month-July. We will start construction work immediately after closing school in August.
We hope that i twill be ready for use by early September.

For this, many members of the community & the business people have donated beds, blankets, mosquito nets & mattresses. We are in great jubilation !

I do understand very well that the economy is hard all the world over, so I thank you (all) those who have invested their hard-earned money in our cause. Please consider sharing our gratitude and deep appreciation to KTCT donors and other beneficiaries.
Kindest regards,

Yours sincerely
Mercyline Kwamboka Ogechi
St. Francis Menyinkwa Primary School.


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