Thank you KTCT, a letter from ASUD in Malawi


Please receive our greetings from Action for Sustainable Development (ASUD) in Malawi. As we have just entered in the new year 2017, we have to repeat our word of THANK YOU for your generous donation of £11,000 meant to rescue pupils at Mtende Primary School who have had a serious shortage of proper toilets since 2004 (12 years) when the school was established.

One of girls’ toilets presently being used at Mtende

All toilets were bad and none had appetite to use them. They used them just because they had no option. Honestly, this had led many children more especially girls drop out of school before completing primary education.

New toilets under construction at the school

Today modern VIP toilets are being constructed at the school with financial support from KTCT through ASUD. The toilets design takes care of children with physical disabilities and girls. They contain girls’ hygiene room as well as special toilet room for the physically challenged children. They will also provide water through rainwater harvesting to ensure that children wash hands soon after visiting the toilet. The school is located in a very remote area such that a good development like this wouldn’t reach them. We thank KTCT for understanding the problem and being generous. This project will contribute to good quality education at the school.

In this project ASUD is enjoying good participation of the community, realizing that this has been a long time outstanding problem.

This project responds to the real need in Mtende Community.

KTCT deserve all thanks for this wonderful support.


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