Thanks from Mothers’ Initiatives Africa

Dear Kitchen Table Charities Trust,

We at Mothers’ Initiatives Africa are very grateful for your generous support to us for the lifesaving work of improving the Reproductive Health of rural women in Mbale and Manafwa Districts of Eastern Uganda.

Your generous donation of £ 11,000 will go a long way to helping us and ccontributing to the reduction of maternal and child mortality among rural women of reproductive age with the target of having no mother die during child birth in the two districts.

With this grant, 1000 rural needy expectant mothers will receive mama kits and we shall equip mother mentors, mama ambassadors, peer educators and traditional birth attendants with knowledge and skills for proper child delivery with less risk even where professional medical staff are not accessible and for proper child development.

Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the communities we serve.

With gratitude,

Sarah Nambudye

Mothers’ Initiatives Africa

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