Thanks from Build on Books, Sierra Leone

On behalf of Build on Books and Our Lady of Kwama Primary School in Sierra Leone I would like to express our great and heartfelt appreciation to Kitchen Tables Charities Trust for providing 100% of the funding needed to build a wonderful new 3 classroom block at the primary school.

Before the grant was given children were squashed into over-crowded classrooms of up to 90 children with two classes being held outside under a mango tree. Some children were sitting in the baking heat on bamboo poles strung together and others on concrete blocks. Once funds were received from KTCT the whole community got involved in building the classrooms and it only took 32 days to complete the project. 

Now all the 611 pupils are now sitting comfortably inside and enjoying plenty of space to learn in roomy classrooms thanks to KTCT their wonderful supporters.

Build on Books

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