Thanks from the Practical Tools Initiative, helping the United Polio Brothers and Sisters in Freetown, Sierra Leone

We thank The KTCT supporters for this life-changing intervention.

Sierra Leone has many physically disabled people partly from the ten-year civil war, and
the polio epidemic that accompanied it. They are extremely marginalised and ostracised,
with many having to rely on begging on the streets for their daily food. Some of the disabled are single mothers who used to carry their babies on the streets, asking strangers for money to buy food for them and their children. Some of the babies were conceived in rape on the streets.

The setting-up of a community that is run entirely by the disabled is a developmental
attempt to improve their conditions by enabling them to be self-reliant through the promotion of food growing and income-generating activities. The funds from The KTCT will, therefore, render a very direct help to those at the bottom of the ladder.

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