Thanks from vulnerable households in Wamunga Village

Concerted Effort Uganda is pleased to acknowledge receipt of funds from KTCT to support a poultry project targeting women in fifteen vulnerable households in Wamunga Village.

The project will build a poultry shelter and provide ten indigenous chickens for each of the fifteen beneficiaries. They (beneficiaries) will be trained on the basics of poultry keeping and shall with the help of a veterinary specialist, periodically receive expert advice on poultry keeping.

The implementation of this project will diversify the economic activities of these women thus improving food security and nutrition in their households. The income from the sale of poultry and poultry products will also help them to cater for other needs of their households without necessarily depending on their husbands, some of whom have (unfortunately) neglected their family roles.

I am exceedingly grateful to KTCT and its generous supporters for funding our organization to carry out this project.

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