Rainwater Harvesting in Uganda

a message from LUNCH4LEARNING (UGANDA)

Project: To build 5 new water tanks each with a 10,000 litre capacity for schools to harvest rainwater.
In an environment where children have travelled long distances on foot to get to schools, having access to drinking water will improve sanitation through regular hand washing and also make water available for cooking the lunchtime meals.
In at least one of the schools that will be targeted for this project, the nearest water source is 2 kms away and that has proved a deterrent to attending school. We are confident that having water on site will also have a significant impact on school attendance.
We are extremely grateful to the supporters and trustees of KCTC for this wonderful gift which will make an enormous contribution to the 5 rural primary schools and help the children to learn much more effectively.
Location; Jinja District, Uganda.
Grant; £6,500
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