Thanks from: Friends Of Sick Children In Malawi

I write further to receiving the fantastic news from you today that KTCT has awarded us £10,000 for the manufacture of wheelchairs for children in Malawi. This should represent some 84 children mobilised and their families relieved of both physical and financial burdens.

I have been gradually introducing the Workshop in Malawi to forward planning (no mean task!) and can tell you that having recently dedicated the 500th FOSCiM wheelchair to KTCT I can now help the Workshop ‘see’ the 700th off in the near distance. You helped me kick off our relationship with the Workshop in 2013 since when, with the help of other supporters, we have extended the Workshop.
I plan to go over with my wife, Alexis in October so will send you photos on return.

As I have mentioned many times, the ‘dividends’ from this project, in fact subsidiary to our main focus of paediatrics, are many and varied and entirely ‘human’. All those dividends from one wheelchair! And still the Government of Malawi do not provide mobility aids….. for anyone.

Thank you for your contained faith in what we are trying to do and for your invaluable support.

Kind regards


Kitchen Table Charities Trust [KTCT] is a staunch and greatly valued supporter of our efforts to mobilise the children of Malawi who suffer from severe mobility issues.
World Health Organisation statistics would say that as many as 100,000 children in Malawi may fall into this grouping.

The ‘dividends’ from this project and KTCT’s support are as follows:

  • The quality of life for children with severe mobility problems is greatly improved.

• No longer are they confined to a life on the floor/ground or the backs of willing guardians.
• Posture issues are catered for in the assessment and manufacture.
• For many children it means they can attend school.
• For many it means they can socialize with children of their own age.

  • A parent or guardian unable to work because of having to attend to the needs of their child may be freed to take work and earn much needed money for the family. In one of the World’s poorest nations this is a survival must for many families.
  • Parents and guardians are freed from the risks of developing back problems carrying growing children on their backs. In turn, it relieves unnecessary pressure on already stretched national health resources.
  • Valuable local employment and skills acquisition are secured and developed at the Workshop.

The Government of Malawi still do not provide mobility aids for anyone.

Zikomo kwambiri Kitchen Table Charities Trust, we are hugely grateful for your support.

Friends of Sick Children in Malawi
July 2018

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