Feedback from: World Resilience on their KTCT financed primary school/latrines project in Uganda



  1. 1.   BACKGROUND

On 9th February 2017, WRU sent a project concept to KTCT for a grant to improve facilities and sanitation at Kirindi community school in Kayunga District. This included construction of a three classroom block and four door VIP Latrine with a disabled friendly access room and changing space for girls. The grant was later approved after a period of subsequent communications and online engagements.

On April 15th 2018, the first instalment of the grant amounting to UGSHS 30,511,312.80 (an equivalent of 6,000 GBP) was wired onto our account to start the work. We are very grateful to KTCT for having extended a helping hand towards lifting the standard of education for the under privileged.



Immediately after the grant had been approved, we convened a meeting with the parents, stakeholders and local leaders to discuss this breaking news and lay a way forward for the project implementation. On behalf of World Resilience, the meeting was attended by Mr. Waddimba Anthony the progams manager, and Mr Kiyaga Jonah the projects’ officer. It was also attended by the CEO of B.R NARS AGENCIES a local construction company contracted to execute the work. During the meeting, the following resolutions were passed and unanimously agreed by all parties:

  1. In the original proposal, we were to construct a three classroom block and a four door VIP latrine. We were to demolish a four classroom block constructed of reeds and mad that was in an inhabitable condition. These meant a shortage of one classroom even when those available were not enough. Parents thus resolved to contribute whatever they can so that we put up a four classroom block instead of three as was in the initial proposal
  2. Parents were supposed to contribute 15,000 burnt bricks, sand, stones, dig the pit latrine and supply roofing timber. They were also supposed to provide manual semi-skilled labor and fetch water for construction.
  3. Women agreed to cook for the builders as other parents were to supply food which is readily available in their gardens in abundance
  4. To avoid stealing of construction materials and ensure quality work, Mr. Kiyaga Jonah the WRU projects officer was to be stationed on site full time to supervise the builders
  5. The first phase of the work was to be completed within a period of one month

On 2nd May 2018, a highly organized project launch function was held to officially launch the project. A high level delegation of religious, local and political leaders attended the launch function with over 200 parents and pupils of the school. The CEO World Resilience Mr. Wasswa Musoke attended the function on behalf of the was a joyous moment for the community which had been stuck for a long time due to poor facilities of the only community school in the area. The function was well covered by all local radio and TV stations and it was our first project to receive such massive publicity. Details of this function and all photos were duly sent to KTCT in an email dated 3rd May 2018.

    1. Disabled Friendly Access VIP Latrine

Clearly following the KTCT guidelines that were sent to us, we dug and constructed a four door disabled friendly access toilet with a urinal and private changing space for girls as was clearly laid out in the project concept.

We found a challenge that the school was badly in need of toilet facilities and was on the verge of being closed down by authorities due to lack of adequate toilet facilities. Parents and teachers pleaded to us to give the toilet first priority during the first phase of the project.

We thus instructed our contractor to first put emphasis on the toilet and as we speak now its 95 percent complete. Due to the seriousness of the toilet problem, we were forced to allow pupils use it even before the project is officially commissioned. As of now the toilet is almost complete, except for a few finishing works to be done on the disabled friendly room. The rest of the rooms are being used. Surprisingly, school enrollment shot up this term just as a result of pupils especially girls knowing that this is the only school in the area that adequately addresses their privacy and sanitation problems. All photos (in stages) of the toilet project are hereby attached although most were sent with the project commissioning report. No structural adjustments were made to the original proposal and we followed all the guidelines and specifications as were suggested by KTCT during project approval.

  1. b.   Classroom Block

As earlier stated, we were supposed to construct a 3 classroom block according to the approved concept but this would still leave a shortage of one classroom and those pupils would be required to study under trees. Parents thus decided to contribute whatever they can to enable the contractor put up a four classroom block.

However this block is 40 percent complete and is now on the wall plate because we had the urgency of finishing the toilet first. However most roofing materials such as iron sheets are already purchased and the timber is already provided by the parents. We ran short of funds at the roofing stage and could thus not meet the labor costs for roofing even though the materials were already purchased. Kindly find attached photos of the classroom block together with those of the toilet.

  1. 5.   FINANCIAL STATUS       

As of today, all the funds are already used up. We are very glad to have been able to accomplish the first phase of the work in less than two months due to the seriousness of our contractor and the stringent supervision mechanism that we put in place. In summary, we were able to achieve the following with the first phase of the funding:

  1. We dug and constructed a four door, disabled access friendly toilet with two urinals and a private changing space for girls. The toilet is 95 percent complete and due to the urgent need of toilet facilities at the school, it is already under use.(see photos attached)
  2. We put in place a four classroom block that is 40 percent complete. The classroom block is now at the wall plate level awaiting roofing
  3. Almost all the roofing materials are already stocked such as iron sheets, roofing nails among others. The roofing timber that was promised by parents is already cut and stocked.

Due to proper planning and strict following of the KTCT guidelines we did not face major challenges save for a few which include the following:

  1. The rising cost of the construction materials affected us. Due to a long interval between project submission and approval, prices of materials had drastically risen affecting our quotation. However, this was offset by the rise in the exchange rate of the GBP against the shilling.
  2. Parents insisted that we erect a four classroom block instead of the planned three. This constrained our budget so much although parents contributed materials. Because of the high poverty levels among our people, it became difficult for some parents to fulfill their pledges.
  3. 7.   CONCLUSION

In conclusion, we are very grateful to KTCT for having financed this project and we thus look forward for future engagements and the second phase of the project financing. We thus look forward to the second phase of the project financing.

Kind Regards,

World Resilience Uganda

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