Update from: St Peter’s Life – Line

Our Alternative Rite of Passage is now underway, and 249 girls turned up, over the 200 budgeted for, which is always good news, and we can absorb that extra cost. These girls will now be out of harm’s way during the tribal ritual ‘circumcision’ season. We will have them for a residential week at St Peter’s school, where they will be educated and empowered to say NO! To FGM, along with the 2,000 or so girls that have previously attended over the years. We will equip them to be freed them from a horrible, traumatic and injurious mutilation, to refuse early, arranged marriage, and to be able to attend secondary education. Their horizons are now wide open….

Pics: the girls arriving at St Peter’s, gathering, getting to know each other and registering.

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