Thanks from Uzima in our Hands

We are delighted that the Kitchen Table Charities Trust are able to support us in replacing the pump to the bore hole and installing three water harvesting tanks at Uzima, an Orphan and Day Care Centre that feeds, clothes and educates 340 vulnerable children in an impoverished area of rural western Kenya. The children will not only benefit from an essential, sustainable water source from now on, but also be protected from health hazards such as when the toilets flooded due to excess rainwater that wasn’t being collected. These children often only eat and drink at the Centre, and our charity struggles to do all we want to, as we rely entirely upon fundraising activities in the UK. This financial support for water provision literally means health and life to the children at Uzima in our care. We are immensely grateful to KTCT and its supporters for helping us achieve this vital service to them. Thank you. Asante Sana!

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