Digging in the rain reaps results

From Cameroon …
“Due to heavy rains (peak period of the rainy season in Cameroon), the local community has tried to do the digging of the latrine pit  for a couple of times so that  the molding of blocks, laying of toilet platform can commence but the water table in the soil is high and can disturb the latrines not to attend the required depth.As such, we have decided to suspend this component of the project til late October,2013 when the rains will go down.
The other aspect of the project are going  on smoothly a good number of benches, tables and chairs, buckets have arrived the school. The community has  now concentrated their efforts in doing other manual labour like carrying of sand, stones that will be used in the construction work.
Yours sincerely,

project items( buckets,jars and cups)

A view of class room benches

A view of benches

A model of children hand washing facility

pupils of class three rejoicing after receiving jars

table and chairs

ready for lessons

all present and correct

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