Thanks from Tim-Tasha Education Centre

Its with great appreciation to hear that good news from KTCT this morning.
I take this opportunity on behalf of the Entire Tim-Tasha Education Centre fraternity to sincere thank KTCT on approving our request. This will actually bring to an end the problem of lacking water in our school and also improve the sanitation in our school to almost 99%.We shall also be in a position to prepare enough foods to our pupils on time at once and serve when still hot.I will update you of the progress of everything immediately it starts by also sending you photos. Here below are the bank details where you can send the money, please let me know once you have send it so that I can check with the bank on time and give a report of safe receiving.
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Thanks from Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

On behalf of everyone at Mbale Hospital in Uganda we wish to express our sincerest thanks for this grant to supply new patient monitors for 3 busy operating theatres. These monitors will help to ensure safe anaesthesia for pregnant mothers, children and adults in need of emergency surgery. Your gift will directly help to save the lives of some of the sickest patients at the hospital and ensure fewer complications. The monitors will be in use every single day of the week.  Mbale hospital is the only major hospital in the district that provides free healthcare to patients and the staff work extremely hard to maintain high standards of care in a difficult location with limited resources. Thank you so much for your help.

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Thanks from Action for Sustainable Development


On behalf of the management and staff of Action for Sustainable Development. I would like to express our happiness and great thanks to KTCT for approving our proposal for construction of permanent VIP latrines at Mtende Primary School at Parango Village in Malawi. Truly, lack of proper toilets has remained a great barrier to education in Mtende community particularly girls, resulting in high incidences of school drop-outs and absenteeism. The approved grant of £11,000 by KTCT committee will enable us reverse the situation by building the toilets we requested, install rainwater harvesting system connected to 3,500 litre storage tank to provide hand washing facilities, establish and train a Project Management Committee and the Parents Teachers Association to oversee the construction of latrines, conduct hygiene education programme, ensure the pupils use the facilities properly and carry out maintenance and repairs as necessary.

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Empower And Care Organization (EACO) Uganda

For the fill report:

Click to read the report

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Thanks from RANYG

We are very grateful for the support KTCT have given to us, this project will positively impact the lives of the current and future generations, people living with disability have been forgotten for long but KTCT gave RANYG a listening ear when asked for help on building toilets with they can access and roofing of a classroom as well as an income generating activity which will improve their livelihoods and give them a voice in the community. Thank you again.

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Thanks from Rama Medical Centre


It was as if all the Medical Staff and other Heath Workers at the Rama Medical Centre were dreaming when we got news that the funds for Medical Equipments have been received. We are overwhelmed with joy. The community around was also excited. We will be able to save the lives of many mothers and children. The state of quagmire/ helplessness that we have experienced for long will now be no more. The members of the community are very happy that they are going to access the services easily.

No more loss of lives as a result of late diagnosis. We will now help many more others. We are very very grateful indeed for your support. May KTCT live long to help many more others.

With lots of thanks.

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Thanks from Mynakongo School Project

Mnyakongo Primary School, Kongwa, Tanzania, will be forever grateful to the trustees and supporters of Kitchen Table Charities Trust for the generous gift of £8,500 to build 15 latrines and a rainwater collection tank for hand-washing facilities for the 600 children at the school.  Kongwa is situated in a very dry and remote area of the Dodoma Region.  The motto of a local high school “Life is Struggle” sums up with stark honesty the lives of the people.  The people themselves are humble, generous and hard working.

The latrines will supply increased health and well-being to all pupils in the school but, most especially, this gift will enable the construction of a facility for disabled children, thus allowing many of them to attend the school for the first time. Often children with physical disabilities are unable to attend school simply because of unsuitable toilet facilities.  The goal of Mnyakongo School Project is to enhance the health and education of all children in the surrounding area who attend the school. This gift will significantly and substantially support this goal and extend our outreach.

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Thanks from COREDA – Cameroon

We are pleased to send to you brief information thanking the supporters of KTCT and how the grant will make a difference.
Here is the information:
“Community Relief and Development Action (COREDA) and the entire village community of Bulutu are grateful to all supporters of KTCT for the grant award of £10,000. The grant will make a great difference by bringing safe and clean gravity fed pipe-borne water to about 2000inhabitants of the entire village community of Bulutu. The clean water system will enhance community health and well-being by reducing the incidence of preventable diseases and deaths especially among children associated to poor hygiene/sanitation and the drinking of contaminated water. The grant will also improve upon the general hygiene and sanitation of the entire village community, stop open defecation around the primary school premises and reduce the great burden on women and children who travel long distances usually on hills and valleys in search of drinkable water thus enabling children to engage more time in studies and women in other productive activities”.
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Report from the Ancora of Hope organization


Project title: “Construction of three classroom blocks and toilet facilities for underprivileged children”

Ancora of Hope organization is happy to announce to Kitchen Table Charities Trust that the construction is underway. The construction of the foundation of the building is completed with much excitement from the community.

Below are some of the activities that has gone on so far:

- Construction of the foundation




- Block laying

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

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Thanks from Ufanisi Women Group.

We once again KTCT for funding our project. Below is our thanks message to KTCT family.
‘We as Ufanisi Women Group community are extremely happy, excited and lack better and enough words to express our heartfelt and unceasing thanks to supporters, founder, project committee and family of Kitchen Table Charities Trust (KTCT) for having made it possible for the organization to establish vocational training college through generous donation and biggest gift of £7,500 towards the project. KTCT’s donation is the most generous, biggest and wonderful gift Ufanisi Women Group has ever received since her inception. Funded project serves as foundation and platform for poverty alleviation; and targeted beneficiaries from economical disadvantaged backgrounds will immediately feel the impacts following its implementation. Thanks exceedingly and beyond any kind of measure for generous and tireless donors and supporters for KTCT, once again you have proved that you are determined and forging forward to tackle abject poverty among tens of millions of populations, especially in Africa. Much! Much! Much! Thanks.’
Thanking you once more.
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