Thanks from the Emesco Development Foundation

Note of Appreciation to KTCT

Emesco Development Foundation is yet again able to extend potable water to nine poor communities of Mugarama Sub-county of Kibaale District in Mid-Western Uganda. This much awaited project has been made possible by a grant of £ 10,500 from the Kitchen Table Charities Trust. The planned 9 hand-dug Shallow Wells will be realized in a period of 5 months or so and the beneficiary communities will never be the same. The lives of about 10,500 rural poor people in the 9 villages will tremendously change and poverty levels will dramatically reduce. Water-borne diseases will become something of the past! Indeed a new era has began!

Emesco Development Foundation would like on behalf of the beneficiary communities to sincerely thank KTCT supporters for this great life changing support.

Thank you so much KTCT.

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Thanks from Girl-child Concern, Uganda

Thanks to a generous grant from KTCT, the vocational training program provided by the Voluntary Hearts Community for Girl-child Concern, will be able to expand our courses to young women living in Kikyusa, in the Luwero district of Uganda,.   In addition to Tailoring and Hair Dressing, we will add classes in Auto Mechanics, Plumbing, and Electrical Installation.  We are grateful to have KTCT as our partner, helping us to develop additional skills and job linkages for participants to find decent employment or build their own businesses so that they can make a successful transition to adulthood and break the cycle of poverty.

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Thanks from the Youth Development Centre, Limbe, Cameroon

We want to use this opportunity to thank KTCT donors to our water, sanitation and hygiene project for the generosity and concern they have for the less privileged. We pray that Almighty God continues to bless the supporters financially, and protect their lives as they continue to put broad smiles on people’s faces in Cameroon and the world at large. The difference KTCT supporters of this project will make in the lives of the children and the communities will include:

  • a dramatic reduction of the infant mortality rate;
  • an increase in girls’ enrolment in school;
  • an improvement in examination results;
  • improved health of the children, and an end to cholera outbreaks;
  • a reduction in malaria and other dangerous illnesses;

The difficulties faced by wheelchair users and other disabled children will become history as they will soon have easy access to VIP latrines – the first to be built in schools in Cameroon.

The Youth Development Centre and the people of Limbe are very grateful..

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Thanks from African Children in Need

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for generous grant of £10,000 to build a four classroom primary school extension and a four compartment, VIP disabled friendly latrine at the African Child Academy, Nangalama Village, Bugiri District, Uganda.

In whole of Bugiri District , it will be the first of its kind for African Child In Need /African Child Academy Nursery and primary school to have VIP disabled friendly latrine.

This project will help expand African Child In Need free-of-cost school, which run exclusively for the underprivileged children from incredibly disadvantaged families.

The grant is going to provide us with clean, quiet, safe, comfortable and healthy environment for successful teaching and learning.

The grant is going make great impact in the lives of vulnerable children to release them from bondage of poverty and enhance their academic status, give health care ,expose them socially and help them exploit their talents and gifts , so that they become positive change a gents in the community.

This equipment will help to shape the way vulnerable children live from this point on.

Your generosity humbles the Assembly of members of African Child In Need and alters our perception.

Our deepest heartfelt thanks for your assistance in helping us build a school

African Children in Need.

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Thanks from the Practical Tools Initiative, helping the United Polio Brothers and Sisters in Freetown, Sierra Leone

We thank The KTCT supporters for this life-changing intervention.

Sierra Leone has many physically disabled people partly from the ten-year civil war, and
the polio epidemic that accompanied it. They are extremely marginalised and ostracised,
with many having to rely on begging on the streets for their daily food. Some of the disabled are single mothers who used to carry their babies on the streets, asking strangers for money to buy food for them and their children. Some of the babies were conceived in rape on the streets.

The setting-up of a community that is run entirely by the disabled is a developmental
attempt to improve their conditions by enabling them to be self-reliant through the promotion of food growing and income-generating activities. The funds from The KTCT will, therefore, render a very direct help to those at the bottom of the ladder.

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Thanks from Ufanisi Women Group

We thank you dearly for your email and funding our project. The project has progressed well and activities undertake include building vocational/ training center, equipping the training center with training equipment and resources, enrolling 25 vulnerable young women that are now undertaking training in basic accounting/ book-keeping, tailoring, making of re-usable sanitary pads and poultry keeping. We however made a few changes owing to weather patterns at the front part of the vocational/ training center, and there may be some structural difference of the final vocational center and previous photo that we might have sent. Beneficiaries have now realized the need for the center and the vocational training courses being offered and have thanked Kitchen Table Charities Trusts very much for funding this project that will definitely alleviate poverty among them and around Kisiwa location. Much thanks for KTCT wonderful work and generosity that is much needed over here and across the globe especially in Saharan Africa.

With sincere thanks.

Some of the beneficiary women together with purchased tailoring equipment in training centre

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Kitchen Tables Charities Trust Supports Hope Alive 360 Foundation

Click here for the full story.

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An update from Friends of Buburi, Kenya

Saving lives in rural Kenya is what Friends of Buburi does, literally from our kitchen tables. Currently we are working towards saving mothers and babies by offering maternity services and offering a full range of child immunisations.

We have worked with KTCT before when you helped us drill a borehole giving clean water to the community and the clinic, also a life saving venture. Among other things this grant will allow us to purchase a KEPI fridge for the vaccines. This runs on gas when there is a power cut, which is a regular occurrence.

Mothers have been dying while giving birth at home with no one qualified available and children have to travel far to get their immunisations. Safe birth and immunisations can save countless lives. With this grant you are helping this poor rural community and giving them a chance in life. A big thank you to KTCT.

Newly delivered baby Wycliffe

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Thanks from Build on Books, Sierra Leone

On behalf of Build on Books and Our Lady of Kwama Primary School in Sierra Leone I would like to express our great and heartfelt appreciation to Kitchen Tables Charities Trust for providing 100% of the funding needed to build a wonderful new 3 classroom block at the primary school.

Before the grant was given children were squashed into over-crowded classrooms of up to 90 children with two classes being held outside under a mango tree. Some children were sitting in the baking heat on bamboo poles strung together and others on concrete blocks. Once funds were received from KTCT the whole community got involved in building the classrooms and it only took 32 days to complete the project. 

Now all the 611 pupils are now sitting comfortably inside and enjoying plenty of space to learn in roomy classrooms thanks to KTCT their wonderful supporters.

Build on Books

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Thank you from the Hope Alive 360 Foundation

It is possible for one to encounter a ‘guardian angel’ or a kind soul who extends his hand of kindness to us sometimes in our lives. When this happens, our hearts are filled with gratitude that we are compelled to respond in appreciation. We at Hope Alive 360 Foundation and the Sefwi Nkwadum community cannot use words to show our appreciation to you KTCT and its founder Mr. Humphreys who donated towards the completion of our community clinic. Indeed, you have brought equality and justice in healthcare to us and surrounding communities. As Martin Luther King Jnr said “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane”.

You have made such a significant difference in our lives for supporting us realize this dream. “It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead- Nelson Mandela. To us your lives  have been extremely significant.

Hope Alive 360 Foundation



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