Thanks from Ratidzo Trust

We at Ratidzo Trust would once again, like to say a big thank you to KTCT for the £7,000 grant towards our work. This is our second grant from KTCT which will enable us to move our project to the next level and help even more disadvantaged people. We cannot express just what an immense positive impact this support will again make to individuals, schools and groups in the local disadvantaged community of Sanyati, Zimbabwe. Empowering them to be self-sufficient in every way. Like providing means of generating income and a learning & educational facility. Bringing them new hope, opportunities, a voice, dignity and self-respect which had once been stripped away by poverty. So from the bottom our hearts and on behalf of the community we work in, we’d like to say thank you so very much for continuing to help change lives!

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The moving story of Mercy Adam

Mercy Adam is one of the wheelchair beneficiaries.

She is a five years old girl and the first born child in a family of two children. Her parents went to South Africa to look for greener pastures and was left in the hands of her aunt who stays at    Bangwe township in Blantyre. She started staying with her when she was two years old.

Then she was not able to crawl, sit or stand and walk. She used to spend most of her time lying on a mat. She could not play with her friends. At the age of 4 she gained some trunk stability that meant she started sitting but not upright. Her aunt then thought of taking her to one of the schools that provides special needs care (Forum for the Development of Youth with Disabilities (FDYD) within the city.

While at school, Mercy used to sit on a chair tied up with a cloth and could hardly use her hands for other activities such as playing with toys. If tired of the chair, they used to put her on a mattress in a corner due to poor trunk control. She hardly played with her colleagues and used to have her break times in the classroom. Her teacher said “Mercy’s attention in class was not that good and she was not active in class.”

Mercy’s aunt said that she used carry her from home to and from school which is about 5km from home and there after she could feel pain. She was not free to do any income generating activities because of her condition and could not afford leaving her alone. Her aunt also used to have small loans from various individuals to buy food and could repay them with the money her brother used to send them to be using at home though not enough.

Now that she is having a wheelchair, her quality of life has changed so that she is able to go to school, play with friends and enjoy break times together with her friends. She sits on her wheelchair.

Her aunt no longer carries her for a longer distance of 5 km but rather 300m due to the environment where they are staying. It is because of this that her aunt carries her and a wheelchair to the main road that is at a distance of 300m from home. And below is how she does it:

When back home she plays with her colleagues and people around their home.

During break time she joins her friends

It is for this reason why we at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital through Friends of Sick Children in Malawi are thanking Kitchen Table Charities Trust (KTCT) for their very kind gesture and their continued support to the children with mobility challenges in Malawi.

Letter of appreciation from the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi.

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Thanks from Made With Hope

As a small charity where every penny counts, we are truly overwhelmed with happiness that KTCT believes in the work that we do. We are run by passionate volunteers who often struggle to find the resources to fundraise huge amounts of money, but organisations like KTCT give us hope that we can make our projects happen.

These new classrooms that KTCT are supporting will enable some of the poorest children in rural Tanzania to get an education that will dramatically increase their chances of escaping poverty. Their support will empower hundreds, and even thousands of children for many years.

We are eternally grateful for the support KTCT are giving to Made With Hope, plus the hundreds of other charities they support who are all trying to balance out this world and work towards eradicating poverty, something that shouldn’t exist in the 21st Century.

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Thanks from Friends of Sick Children, 9 more children helped

Surprised, overwhelmed, tearful, but very, very grateful ……… all of the families had similar reactions when told that their children would be assessed, fitted and supplied with a wheelchair funded through the generosity of Kitchen Table Charities Trust.

Click here to read about 9 more wheelchair cases

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Letter of Thanks from ASUD in Malawi

Action for Sustainable Development (ASUD) is very excited and proud of getting second opportunity of a grant from Kitchen Table Charities Trust to support the most hard to reach and vulnerable communities in Mzimba district. We say thank you very much and may God bless you. This time, the support of £11,700 will help to build and furnish a three room classroom block at Ng’ongo Primary School in the district to create a conducive learning environment for about 120 pupils who suffer coldness, external noise, dust from wind and excessive light from the sun that prevent pupils from learning comfortably as they learn outside. We expect to see good school results and high school attendance after completion of this project. In 2016, KTCT supported ASUD with a grant to build modern VIP latrines at Mtende Primary School. Many thanks to KTCT.

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Thank you from Butakoola Village Association for Development

Dear Supporters of the Kitchen Table Charities Trust (KTCT), we team members of the Butakoola Village Association for Development do hereby express our sincere gratitude for the great support you have made to help BUVAD, a small grassroots organization to transform people’s lives.

Indeed, funding support given to small grassroots organizations like BUVAD trickles down to the hardest hit communities and individuals making the greatest direct impact in peoples lives.

It’s indeed hard for small organizations like BUVAD to secure funding in this very competitive environment. In fact, at BUVAD we feel very special for being considered by KTCT.

Your mission to support small charities like BUVAD to change people’s lives with little money is very much deserving as its indeed going to make a much more recognized impact in a bigger number of people’s lives here in Kayunga District.

May you be Blessed Abundantly for your Unreserved Kindness to People in great need!!

Sincerely yours,


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Progress report: Build Maternity and child care unit at St.Elizabeth Swindon Clinic in Kenya

Click here to read the progress report.

The second phase of this project has commenced. Watch out for the next update.


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Friends of Sick Children in Malawi – News Letter

As Spring emerges in the northern hemisphere, in Malawi it is the equivalent of Autumn, the rainy season is ending and it is harvest time.

Early in 2019 The Malawi Ministry of Agriculture forecast a 25% increase in this year’s maize harvest compared to last year. Since then there has been major flooding so we wait to see the impact upon the harvest the results of which impact the health of Malawi children as well as pregnant mums. Let’s hope for good news …..

Click here to read the full newsletter.

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Thanks from the people of Lilanda

Thank you Message to Kitchen Table Charity Trust (KTCT)

On behalf of the people of Lilanda, Desai, George, Paradise, George and Youth for Change (YOCA), we would like to strongly thank the Kitchen Table Charity Trust (KTCT) for agreeing to support the construction of the Maternity Wing at Lilanda Health Post.

Your kind and generous support will see a reduction in maternal mortality in Lilanda and surrounding areas. It will further enhance access to Sexual Reproductive Health Services to adolescents, women and men. It is a real relief to YOCA to realize that you are willing to make sacrifices in order to share in our mission. In a very real sense, you stand out among those who save women from dying while giving birth and ensuring that the children survive and thrive.

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Thanks from the Renewed Hope Group

‘Huge thanks to supporters of KTCT. Renewed Hope Group (RHG) in Kenya lack better and appropriate words to express sincere gratitude towards generous supporters of KTCT for contributing kind donation that will meaningfully boost learning environment and conditions for 563 poor and vulnerable children in Kenya’s slum school. The beneficiary school was in dire need and on edge of collapse; but with your donation, Renewed Hope Group is implementing the project within a few months to come, which will help reverse this humiliating situation. Education being the key to bright future, your donation and contributions to this much needed project have renewed hope and brightened the future of 563 poor children in beneficiary school. The school was at risky of being abandoned in less than 1 year due to lack of infrastructures. Thanks a lot for your support.”

Sincerely, Renewed Hope Group

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