Ratidzo Trust Progress Report

We have now returned to the UK for a few months to feed back to supporters and to do some fundraising. Innocent (our full time employee) is continuing to run things while we are here. The main update is that we just about managed to finish building the fowl run before we left. We were able to employ a local builder to assist us in the 6 week build (which was constantly delayed by the heavy rains) and just have some finishing touches to plastering etc. to do on our return ……

For more information please read: Progress report


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Rain Water Harvesting and Kitchen Gardening for improved Health of rural disadvantaged Women and Children

A report from:  Gender Equality and Women Empowerment for Development


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Thanks from: World Resilience Uganda


It is such a historical achievement to the parents of Kirindi Community school to receive a four classroom block donation and modern VIP latrines from KTCT. apart from not being enough, Pupils have been studying from poor  structures (PHOTOS attached) and often sent home whenever it threatens to rain heavily thus missing classes. The disabled access toilet, the first of its kind in the district will increase on the enrollment of disabled persons and improve sanitation for girls thus reducing on the very high rate of school dropouts that lead girls to early marriages. This is the only community owned school in the area, thus affordable to everyone.

Thank you very much for giving hope to the poor!!!

Yours faithfully.


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Thanks from: St.Dominic Health Care Services, Uganda

SDHCS is very grateful to KTCT supporters for making it possible to construct a Maternity Ward in the new municipality of Njeru, Uganda. Many pregnant women in this area, notably teenager mothers come from poor households and oftentimes give birth outside health centers under the supervision of traditional birth attendants. Many can’t afford charges for private health facilities; also the distance between their homes and government health centers is long. This is coupled to the bad road hard to traverse by pregnant women. These among other factors force women to give birth outside health centres and contribute to the increasing number of maternal and neonatal mortality in Njeru and Uganda at large. In light of the above, the KTCT supported Maternal Ward shall be constructed in a strategic accessible location and will be staffed with friendly medical personnel to provide quality maternal and newborn healthcare services at affordable costs.

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Thanks from: Youth with Physical Disability Development Forum

Thank you very much KTCT for this generosity financial support towards Youth with Physical Disability Development Forum. This grant will be used to construct 2 accessible toilets and hygienic rooms for disabled children in 2 schools.

These toilets will tremendously change the lives of disabled children especially the wheel chairs users who have previously crawled down touching in dirty materials to access toilet openings this resulted into high spread of infections among disabled children making them less competitive in school activities. The provision of accessible toilets, hygienic rooms and clean water will eventually reduce infectious diseases among disabled children and will be able to settle in class. The provision of accessible toilets and clean water will also keep disabled children clean as they will be able to use their wheelchair to enter accessible toilets.

We therefore express our gratitude for this support.

Youth with Physical Disability Development Forum (YPDDF)

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Thanks from: Kasulu Youth Development


Kasulu Youth Development (KAYD) kindly thanks KTCT supporters for their valuable support for a project on improving the capacity of 150 Traditional Birth Attendants in five remote rural communities in remote 5 wards; Kagerankanda, Titye, Kurugongo, Murufyiti and Heru Ushingo, Kasulu District, Tanzania, which will increase accessibility to better delivery care and services for rural and remote pregnant women.

At the end, pregnant women increased access to improved delivery services in the areas of project implementation. Eventually, this project will reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rate in the community.

Thank You Kitchen Table Charities Trust, Thank you KTCT Supporters for your valuable contribution for better health for rural and remote pregnant women.



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Thanks from: Namunkanaga Children Health Centre

I send you greetings from Namunkanaga Village.

Iam glad to send you a brief update of the project.we are implementing the project and we are constructing the building of Namunkanaga Children Health Centre.We have purchased building materials including cement, iron sheets, nails, timber , hardcore stones,aggregate stones, lake sand,plaster sand and also hired labour both skilled and unskilled.

We have roofed the building and we are progressing.

I will write a full report when implementation is complete.I just wanted to put you in the know so that you could see the work through the photos Iam sending to you.The people are impressed and happy with the aid you have given to enable the construction of Namunkanaga Children Health Centre.

Kindly find the attached photos.

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Photos from: Friends of Buburi Trustee, Kenya


Some photos of the work that KTCT helped us complete.

The photos include.

The KEPI (gas and electricity) fridge that has enabled us to undertake child immunisations, since the fridge arrived the clinic has undertaken over 5000 immunisations.

The generator and housing and the light that allows the nightwatchman to see when power is restored. It is all a bit Heath Robinson but it is very satisfactory and means that deliveries can take place at night.

The kitchen building is now complete and we just need to raise the money to equip it. This means that in patients can be fed for a small charge. The budget that they (the Community Based Organisation) have put together means that eventually it will be cost negative but in the short term we will need to seed fund it.

The disabled latrines are also virtually completed. As I think I mentioned to you Kenya does not allow unisex latrines so they have built 2 side by side.

The trustees of Friends of Buburi and the community of Buburi are extremely grateful for your continued support.

With best wishes

Friends of Buburi Trustee

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Update from Practical Tools Initiative: Seed Funding to Develop Sustainable Income

Project Update on Seed Funding to Develop Sustainable Income Generating Food Growing for the United Polio Brothers & Sisters in Freetown, Sierra Leone ….

For more please read: Project Update to KTCT

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Mobilising the Children of Malawi

If life for the average, ‘healthy’ Malawian child is poor then life for those with severe mobility problems can be dire ….

Read how Friends of Sick Children in Malawi help: Case Study

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