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What Kitchen Table Charities Trust Does

There are a vast number of small charities all over the world who do a wonderful job. You’ve probably never even heard of them. They don’t have swanky offices or air-conditioned Land Rovers or money to spend on expensive advertising. … Continue reading

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Breaking The Cycle: Daily Mail, Dec 2006

You might expect the charity world to be full of charitable people: meek, gentle souls who would never hurt a fly, always anxious to seek consensus rather than stir up controversy. You would be wrong. Kind and caring they might … Continue reading

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Three Scenes From Charity Life: Daily Telegraph, Dec 2006

Here are three scenes from charity life. Scene One (an office building in Liverpool): An elderly man, dressed neatly but rather shabbily, walks into the building and tells the girl at the desk he wants to make a donation to … Continue reading

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