Education4life Academy by Farm4life

Construction is underway for the school many thanks here is a short thank you for the web site as requested and will be updating KTCT at the end of the year.

Farm4life wishes to thank KTCT for their generous donation of £6000, which has enabled us to complete the construction of four new classrooms for our Education4life Academy.

Krokoshwe is one of the poorest rural farming communities in Ghana. We can now make a difference to the 58 girls and 48 boys currently on the register at the Education4life Academy in Krokoshwe.

Farm4life will now be able to provide these children with the childhood they deserve and the chance to improve their lives through education and a safe, friendly environment with other children their age.

Their parents can continue to work to bring food to the table without the fear that their children are left to fend for themselves with no adult supervision. Constructing the school building will give more children the chance to learn in a safe environment and vitally, provide them with one meal a day.

With the kind generosity of KTCT, Education4life will now be able to offer more children the opportunity to learn and create a brighter future away from poverty.

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